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Digital rental application folder as printable PDF

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Digital rental application for your new apartment

Increase your application chances with complete, validated documentation for the landlord, including:

  • Tenant self-assessment
  • Proof of income
  • Rent payment proof
  • Identity proof
  • Credit report

Immediately available for download as printable PDF
Reusable and easy to update
GDPR-compliant and encrypted
One-time payment

A complete and verified application makes it easier for the landlord to decide. Especially, if you are already invited to one or more viewings, a professional application folder can make a difference in getting the desired apartment. In addition to that our folder has a modern but simple design highlighting the essential information. Consequently, the information shall be sufficient for the landlord to vet you against the other applicants and make you the preferred candidate.   

Nonetheless, if the application process takes longer, the creation date of the rentcard folder should not exceed three months. You can update it anytime and repeat the bank account reconciliation with more current data in your user account. 

Coming soon: Signal the landlord that you are a risk-free choice. We offer you the chance to attach a guarantor to insure the landlord against any risk. This will make you stand out even more.

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