Rental application made easy.

Create your complete, verified digital rental application with just a few clicks.

We protect your privacy

We put your privacy first and ensure that only the data points necessary are shared with your landlord.

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Documents included in our rental application folder.

All documents a tenancy application needs. Find out how a complete application folder contains.

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Key Tenant Information

Filled out online, it summarizes all the important data for the landlord – clearly arranged on one page, for your best possible first impression.

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Tenant Self-Assessment

You can attach further documents like an existing SCHUFA report or a personal recommendation of your previous landlord or employer.

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Proof of Rent Payment

Show your online record of rent payments – no searching, scanning or getting bogged down.

Icon showing improve financial track record

Solvency Report

The solvency report allows the landlord to digitally assess your financial security.

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Proof of Identity

Verified proof of identity – with this document your next landlord can be 100% sure whom to write into the lease agreement.

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Salary Certificate

Prove your income without having to count on the cooperation of your employer – conveniently via online banking.


our solution

How it works.

Just three simple steps to submit your rental application for your new home.

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Verify your identity and income

Connect your bank account using Open Banking to securely verify you, your income and see your rentcard profile

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Optimize your profile to stand out

Upload additional documents like work contracts or add a guarantee for rent and deposits.

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Image visualizinge the rental application with a tenant profile

Apply with your profile

Select the information you want to share with your landlord and apply with one click.

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Simple plans for all users

Choose if you want to use rentcard only for the next move or to gain long term benefits.


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