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Our security concept for your rental applications

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Unwavering Data Security: Multiple Lines of Defense to Protect your Data

Our digital rental application service prioritizes safeguarding your data by implementing a comprehensive three-tiered security framework. We adhere to certified and globally recognized security standards, ensuring the highest level of data security for our users. In the following, we would like to explain to you more about the three lines of defense for the highest security​ standards.


Security Line 1

Impenetrable Citadel for Your Data: Servers Located in Your Country

Your data is encrypted and securely stored within a cutting-edge data center located in your country, adhering to the stringent security standards set by the credit card and banking industry (PCI-DSS). This data center boasts multiple layers of security, robust physical fortifications, and advanced access controls, ensuring that no unauthorized access is possible.

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data protection and restricted access

Security Line 2

Secure Data Transport: Restricted Access

We employ state-of-the-art authentication protocols, including OAuth2, firewalls, and SSL protection for all connections. Similar to an impregnable gate, our system allows access only to authorized individuals, preventing any unauthorized third-party from breaching our highly secured infrastructure.


Security Line 3

Your Secure Sanctuary: Exclusive Access for You

At the heart of our security measures lies your personal secure sanctuary, where your information is stored in an encrypted format. We utilize the world's most robust AES encryption algorithm to ensure the highest level of protection. Only you possess the key to unlock your secure sanctuary and access your personal banking information. Neither we nor anyone else can access your bank data.

Exclusive access for users

Our Core Principles

Uncompromising Security and Data Privacy Standards

The development of our rental application service revolves around the principle of being an app for your trusted companion. As such, we adhere to the most rigorous security and privacy standards to ensure your peace of mind.

You Retain Full Control Over Your Data

You alone have complete authority over what happens to your data. We fully support and protect your choices, ensuring that your data remains under your control at all times.

Delete Your Data Whenever You Want

Through our user-friendly app, you have the power to erase your account and all associated data with a single click. We believe in empowering our users with the ability to manage their data as they see fit.

By implementing these robust security measures and upholding our core principles, we aim to foster trust and instill confidence in our users. Your data security is our top priority, and we remain dedicated to providing a safe and reliable digital rental application service.

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