Rental verification through rentcard

Your verification with POHA House requires documents that some may not be aware of.
Here we will explain which documents you need in order to be successfully verified with POHA.


Documents to include for your verification.

Proof of identity

The identity card is an official document that confirms the identity and nationality of its holder.

Proof of German visa

For international Students only.
The German visa is an official permit for foreigners that allows them to travel, work or study temporarily in Germany.

Proof of income

Proof of salary for POHA House is important to ensure that the prospective tenant has sufficient funds to pay the rent regularly.

Working contract

An employment contract is sufficient for POHA House to assess financial stability. An employment contract also serves as a guarantee of continuity of income.

Schufa certificate (optional)

The Schufa certificate is a document that contains information about a person’s financial creditworthiness, based on their payment history and other relevant financial factors.

Confirmation of enrollment university

For students only.
The certificate of enrollment is an official document that confirms a person’s enrollment at a college or university and is often required for various purposes such as applying for tuition fees, residency or benefits.

Schufa certificate (optional)

For international students only.
A blocked account is a special bank account into which foreign students must deposit money in order to secure their living expenses in Germany during their studies and which allows them to dispose of a fixed amount each month.
You can find more information about a blocked account and how to get one from our partner Fintiba.

Confirmation of Guarantor statement

A guarantee is a contractual agreement in which one person (the guarantor) assumes the financial obligation of another person if the latter is unable to meet their own obligations.This mainly comes into play if the tenant does not have sufficient income.

Statement can be downloaded here:

HR Auszug and VAT Number

For companies only.
POHA House requires the HR extract and VAT number to verify the legal existence and creditworthiness of a potential tenant and to ensure that they are able to make their rental payments.

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