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In Germany, apartment hunting typically involves navigating through various documents and formal procedures. Our assistance aims to streamline this process by crafting trustworthy applications for landlords.

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International Students

In Germany, the chances of obtaining an accommodation increase considerably if you gain the landlord’s trust. This is done by submitting various documents describing details such as income and other relevant information.

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To make your start in Germany as smooth as possible, we have teamed up with Fintiba to make it easier for you to find accommodation. The documents provided by Fintiba will help you to prepare your rental request in the best possible way.


Documents to include to gain trust from the landlord.

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Proof of identity

Providing proof of identity is a standard part of the rental application process and helps landlords ensure they are renting to responsible individuals who can be reliably identified.

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Proof of blocked account

Landlords and rental agencies often require evidence that you have sufficient financial means to pay rent and cover living expenses throughout your stay.

Icon illustrating a salary certificate

Confirmation of enrollment university

Landlords often require this document to verify your student status and eligibility for student accommodation or other rental options reserved for students.

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Proof of income

Landlords require assurance that tenants possess the financial means to cover rent and living expenses, indicating stability and the capability to fulfill rental commitments.

Icon illustrating a rental payment proof

Proof of guarantor

A proof of guarantor is important when you lack a proof of income because it provides landlords with a financial fallback in case of missed rent payments or other obligations.

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Add more documents

Additionally, you have the option to include supplementary documents beyond those outlined here. Numerous other documents hold significance in the apartment application process, often tailored to your individual life circumstances.


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How it works.

Just three simple steps to submit your rental application for your new home.

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Verify your identity and income

Connect your bank account using Open Banking to securely verify you, your income and see your rentcard profile

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Optimize your profile to stand out

Upload additional documents like work contracts or add a guarantee for rent and deposits.

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Apply with your profile

Select the information you want to share with your landlord and apply with one click.


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