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Increase your chances to save money with deposit insurance

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Entitlement: Convince landlords in advance.

your Entitlement

How it works.

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Get your entitlement

With basic information like name and birthdate, you can check about your entitlement for the rental deposit insurance within a few minutes and is ready to download

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Stand out from the competition

Because of R+V's entitlement, the landlords quickly get an overview of your financial situation without asking for a credit check. If the landlord does not want to use the deposit insurance, you do not have to continue with it.

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Activate Insurance after moving in

As soon as you have moved into your new home, you can finish the rental deposit insurance and you can start saving money. You can also decide not to use the insurance with no costs.


Why is a security deposit insurance better than a cash deposit

Product highlights at a glance:

Learn all about the deposit insurance in 2 minutes:

Overview of the pricing of the insurance:

R+V Pricing

Calculation example:

Monthly payment
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You already found your dream apartment?

In that case, we also have a solution for you. You can also sign up for deposit insurance immediately. However, you have all the advantage of the benefits described above without restriction.

Part of the rental application folder

Still looking for an apartment? Our rental application will help you!


Simple plan for all users

Entitlement including rental application

(Rental deposit insurance will be activated later)


starts from 17.99€


Frequently Asked Questions

Behind rentcard is a founding team of experienced FinTech entrepreneurs who know the problems of both sides, tenants and landlords, from their everyday lives. We aim to digitize rental applications through fast, fair, and data-driven technology for a more equitable housing market.

The rental deposit insurance entitlement secures your right to get rental deposit insurance later.

If you don’t need the insurance, the entitlement will expire after the valid period. There will be no further costs or obligations.

The R+V Rental Deposit Insurance is an alternative to a regular rental deposit. Instead of paying a deposit amount into a blocked account, the R+V insurance company provides a guarantee for the deposit amount to the landlord.

In case of damage, the landlord reports the damage to R+V Insurance. They check the claim and pay the landlord up to the deposit amount if necessary. Then, R+V Insurance will ask you to repay this amount.

Yes, you can cancel the insurance at any time, for example, if you move out and the landlord has no more claims against you. You will need a written confirmation from the landlord that there are no claims.


As a landlord, you are protected without any administrative effort and there are no account management fees. You do not have to wait up to three months for your tenant to pay the deposit in full.


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