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Guarantor statement for tenants made easy

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You need a Guarantor statement to apply for your new home?


All documents to present a convincing guarantor.


our solution

How it works.

Your guarantor signs the guarantor statement. Afterwards income and identity are verified and the document is ready for download.

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Basic questions to create statement

With our help, you can create a convincing guarantor statement so that qualifies you as the ideal candidate for their property.

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Verify identity and income

The guarantor connects her online banking account using Open Banking to securely verify idenity and income.

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Apply with your application

You can use the guarantor statement as proof of income in case a landlord asks for a guarantee or when you applying for a flat.

Guarantor statement

Your advantages

Create a professional and comprehensive guarantor statement containing all the necessary documents in no time at all. 

Our system verifies your income and identity of the guarantor. These verifications increase the confidence of landlords and increase your chances of being accepted.

With rentcard you create trust in your guarantor as alternative to a proof of income. Professional and clear documents leave no doubt in your creditworthiness. 

Automatic verification and immediate provision of your information save you and the landlord valuable time. Quick decisions are therefore possible.

Your data is safe with us and is only passed on to authorized persons. This creates trust and reliability.


Simple plan for all users

Verified Guarantor Statement


starts from 19.95€


Frequently Asked Questions

Behind rentcard is a founding team of experienced FinTech entrepreneurs who know the problems of both sides, tenants and landlords, from their everyday lives. We aim to digitize rental applications through fast, fair, and data-driven technology for a more equitable housing market.

Bank independent: works with every European bank.

We process your data fully secure in a GDPR-compliant environment and only share the data you want to explicitly pass on.

To delete your account, please send a quick e-mail to support@rentcard.id

As long as you have a valid subscription, you can always update your rentcard profile. Right now, you can purchase your rentcard application for 3, 6 or 12 months. Within these months you can update your application as much as you like.

Data can be accessed only by landlords who you’ve share your data with explicitly.



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