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Rental application made safe and simple to convince landlords.

Create your rental application online with a few clicks. Increase your chances to get your dream apartment with a complete and verified application.

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Rental applications reinvented.

Become top of the applicant list

With a complete rental application at your fingertips, you will persuade your future landlord in no time.

Gain control of your personal data

Your personal data is stored safely in your rentcard. Consequently, your landlord just receives the information needed.

Improve chances over time

rentcard enables you to improve your score over time. So it will opening up new rental possibilities in the future.

Your benefits, your data, your rules.

  • Easy application

    Create your rentcard profile with a few clicks and use it for multiple applications within seconds.

  • Financial track record

    Show your financial health and further inrease trust and credit worthiness over time.

  • Rental history

    Show your history of ontime rental payments and include former landlord references.

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  • Personal data protection

    We prioritize your privacy and use robust security measures to safeguard your data.

  • You have full control

    You can select, which data to share and which data to keep private for each application.

  • Additional guarantees

    Add a guarantor to become the first choice of landlords and reduce your deposits.

How our digital rental application works.

Complete this process once and never worry about filling in a tenant application form again. Done in only 2 minutes.


Verify your identity and income

Connect your bank account using Open Banking to securely verify you, your income and see your rentcard profile.


Optimize your profile to stand out

Upload additional documents like work contracts or add a guarantee for rent and deposits.


Apply with your profile

Select the information you want to share with your landlord and apply with one click.

Bank independent: works with every European bank.

Included rental application documents.

Self-assessment profile

Digital summary of your personal preferences and data for the landlord. With the option to anonymize or with all aspects you want to share.

Centralized document management

Supplement your tenant reference e.g. by a proof of identity, employment contract or an already existing credit report.

Proof of rent payment

With a complete rental application at your fingertips, you will persuade your future landlord in no time.

Recommendations to optimize

Get recommendations on how you could improve your rentcard to succeed in your application process.

Proof of income

Confirmation of your income, simply by connection your bank account once.

Guarantee certificate

Signal the landlord that you are a risk-free choice. We offer you the chance to attach a guarantor to insure the landlord against any risk.

What do other tenancy applicants say.

Frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ).

What is rentcard?

rentcard offers a digital applicant folder and includes all standard proofs for an rental application together in a straightforward design: self-disclosure, rental payment certificate, proof of income, credit check and proof of identity. The data for this comes primarily from the one-time connection of your online bank account so that the rentcard can be easily updated at any time. In addition, thanks to a PDF export, rentcard can be used for applications online and offline.

Who is rentcard?

Behind rentcard is a founding team of experienced FinTech entrepreneurs who know the problems of both sides, tenants and landlords, from their everyday lives. We aim to digitize rental applications through fast, fair, and data-driven technology for a more equitable housing market. As tenants in the Munich area and landlords in other cities, we see ourselves as a neutral authority between both actors. The company is supported by grant programs of the Bavarian government, Germany and in the selection process of innovation subsidies of the European Innovation Concil. 

Why is my data particularly well protected?

Have you ever wondered what happens to all those selfies, copied salary slips, and ID cards after the visit? We do, and that’s why you won’t find any data or documents in the applicant folder that can be misused.

Furthermore, we use SSL encryption, work with TÜV certified and regulated bank interface solutions, and are 100% GDPR compliant.

How can I delete my account?

To delete your user account completely, please send an e-mail to support[at] We will then promptly delete all your data from the rentcard system that is linked to your user account and inform you by e-mail about the successful deletion.

What does the rentcard profile costs?

The creation of the basic rentcard is free of charge. A certified version you get already from 19,99€. If you want to apply with a guarantee from us, we charge an annual premium depending on the rent and your risk profile (coming soon). For the first users, many promotions may allow you to get discounts or vouchers.

How long does my rentcard profile stays actual?

Like any proof, the rentcard profile should not exceed three months. At, you can update it anytime and repeat the bank account reconciliation with more current data.

Who can access or see my data?

You can only see your complete data in the rentcard account. The information you share with the landlord via rentcard is selected by you and includes only the assessment related to the rental property you are applying for. Landlords may ask you to share additional information and documents, such as the employment contract, after viewing or to enter into a rental agreement with you. These can only be considered with your permission. Landlords/agents must have a password-protected rentcard login or password to view their data. Only upon signing the rental agreement your data will be transferred to the landlord’s administration system (ERP).

How long can the landlord see my data?

It is only available online for your potential landlords for 30 days to provide maximum data security. If your landlord still needs the data after the time has expired, he must contact you and ask for renewed release. In a new release process, you can again allow the landlord to view your rentcard for 30 days.

How do I submit my application to landlords?

If you apply online for an apartment and a rentcard is specified as an application option, you can share it with the landlord as soon as the rentcard is created to apply for this apartment.

However, suppose you want to use the rentcard as an application folder for applying for other apartments. In that case, you can download the rentcard application folder using the PDF export function and send it as a PDF or print it out and take it to the viewing appointment.

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Create an application folder that convinces every landlord.

Just three steps to your digital rental application folder– download as PDF and use it for multiple applications.

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